We offer several services : -

Office Moving

An office move has the potential to be very disruptive for your employees and for your business if not done by professionals. Our comprehensive office moving services entail a specialized, simple and efficient commercial packing system. Each item is tagged and labeled to ensure that every item arrives at the proper destination. We can offer dismantling of furniture and reconfiguration; proper handling of computers, office equipment, electronics and machinery; pack and move files, record books, customized crates for employees’ personal belongings and professional tagging of inventory.


Whether you are moving down the street, to another suburb or across the country, we take care of your needs. We understand that shifting to a new home can be stressful and we can help you.


Juwa Movers exercises flexibility in response to the ever changing and increasingly demanding needs of our clients based on their circumstances. Are you moving sensitive, high-value merchandise? Have you got items exceptionally valuable, fragile and of sentimental value to move? Juwa Movers is your answer.


Our specialized team will work with you to provide efficient, affordable and safe corporate moving of the organization or company and your employees’ belongings down to the last paperclip. These include international corporations, educational institutions, local organizations and firms, diplomatic corps, government departments, banks, law firms, among others.


As experienced movers, JUWA Movers will be able to address your moving needs of the business relocation of whatever magnitude, big or small. We will provide a safe, fast and efficient process for you.


Whether you need to relocate a store, move a warehouse, industry, factory with delicate and large machinery, move industrial equipment, library book storage among other examples, JUWA Movers will provide the specialized equipment, trained staff and vehicles to make it happen.


Hazardous materials are items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive. We are experts in the area of handling hazardous material transportation. Our team is trained in the proper handling techniques and we have specialized equipment and vehicles to safely handle and move a wide range of materials. Listed below are some of the common hazardous material; Wastes of any kind, Acids, Charcoal lighter fluid, Chemistry sets, Cleaning chemicals, Darkroom chemicals, Fertilizers, Fire extinguishers, Fireworks, Gasoline, Kerosene, Liquid bleach, Matches, Motor oil, Nail polish/ remover, Paints, etc.


JUWA Movers will get your heavy equipment of any size or value where it needs to go. Moving technologically advanced machinery and systems has become highly specialized work. Equipment and machinery are handled and delivered with speed, efficiency and safety.


As long-distance movers, we are experts in the considerable planning and professionalism required to securely move your hundreds or thousands of miles. Long distance moves often include specific packing requirements for lengthy travel as well as the assembly and re-assembly of larger items being transported over the road. You can count on us to be there in the course of the actual transportation from origin to destination.


JUWA Movers offers clean, safe, secure and affordable; short, medium- or long-term warehousing storage solutions that have 24-hour surveillance services. The storage facility is the perfect place to keep unwanted possessions without having to get rid of them; when you have moved temporarily until you find the perfect new premises; downsizing office space; too many records with little space; transferred employees needing storage until permanent housing is found; office furniture to be stored during renovations; among others.


1. Packing

Packing is one of the most important elements to be taken into account when planning any move. We strive to ensure all your items that require packing are worked on professionally with high quality packing materials for protection when in transit.

2. Custom packing crates service

Valuable and fragile items are the most vulnerable pieces when moving and good movers will solve that by constructing custom crates for those special pieces to make sure they get to the destination in excellent condition, without getting damaged.

3. Settling-in-services (Unpacking & Unwrapping)

We offer an unpacking service on request. Our packing crew will assist you with all the tedious tasks of settling into a new home/ premises. Contents of boxes will be unpacked and positioned according to your instructions. On completion, we will remove any unwanted packing materials and other debris from your new premises.

4. Dismantling and Re-assembling furniture, disconnecting and reconnecting appliances

We are able to dismantle items and then re-assemble them at the new premises in a manner that is very professional.

5. Disposal and liquidation services

Moving to a new facility is usually an opportunity for some clients to clean out old, used and unwanted items. This is because sometimes new equipment or items will be used at the new location. JUWA Movers will help you separate the excess equipment, furniture or unwanted supplies and arrange to liquidate or dispose of them leaving the premises in a condition that will make the next occupant happy.

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