If you have chosen to use full service moving company, then it is important to understand how the moving price is formed. Even if you and your next neighbor were moving to one and the same area, each of you would pay a different sum in the end because you would have a different number and nature of items for transportation and you would request different extra services depending on your individual needs and preferences. JUWA Movers will estimate the cost of your move based on the following factors:

Distance to your final destination

The greater the mileage, the more fuel will be used, the more road tolls will be paid, etc.

Total weight of your items to be moved

The equation is simple; many household items = lots of used up space = larger moving truck = more fuel needed.


The time taken loading, transporting(whether peak or off-peak) and unloading varies.

Number of movers

The more helping hands, the faster the moving job gets done.

Moving supplies

Unless you are able to secure up enough free boxes for your move, the moving company will have to plan on purchasing moving supplies. These could include; cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, packing paper and any other supplies needed for the move.

Complexity of the job

Special handling requirements and particular obstacles necessitate more effort and longer time to complete strenuous procedures.

Required additional services
The following are examples of services which may add to the cost of the move:
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